My Canadian Winter

I am on my third Winter season since moving to Canada and boy, does each one get colder. You would think that I would be used to the cold by now, but the third layer of socks I am wearing today begs to differ. 

When one thinks of a Canadian Winter, I picture sliding down snow covered ski slopes, gliding across frozen lakes or speeding in a snowmobile up a mountain. Its pulling your outfit together by wearing that perfect toque and fluffy snow boots and not having a winter jacket that makes you look like a hefalump. 

My Canadian winter is not like that. I always have fluff on my trousers from my snow boots that I can never get off, and while I leave the house thinking I look cute in my toque, I catch myself later with it lopsided or on backwards and look a bit of an idiot if I do say so. 

I cannot ski, snowboard or ice skate, and I have never had a Smore. (I can hear the gasps already). It’s not that I haven’t tried however. I tried ice skating as soon as I moved here where it wasn’t as much gliding as it was hurtling to the ground. I have also taken a lesson in skiing but too traumatized to go back. 

Having a blog title named Clumsy Lorr, are any of you surprised I was not good at these activities? Baring in mind I spend most of winter picking myself off the floor or clinging onto the sides of my car while I de-ice it. 

So what do I do in Winter to keep myself occupied while most of my friends are at the ski slopes? (Me at the bottom of the slopes, at the bar) After 3 seasons I have found some things I do enjoy, that does not put my (or others) life in danger.

I love going for snowy walks, some longer than others. Plonk me anywhere in the mountains and I will sit and gaze at the view forever.

Sometimes I go and explore a frozen waterfall or two, and pretend I am Elsa from Frozen

I often take road trips with no real purpose just so I can see the white capped mountains and snow covered trees. I am blessed with having friends that will want to take a trip at a moments notice. We often choose a general direction and sit at a junction wondering if we should turn left or right, and choose wherever it pulls us. We should study a map like sensible people, but we do not. 

I do not ski or snowboard. But I have snowshoed. Does that have the same cool factor? I mean have still fallen over and got stuck in the snow, but I didn’t go full speed into a tree and break my neck. Which would have happened if I continued trying to ski. 

This is why I do not date in Winter. The risk of someone asking me to meet them on the slopes? Can you imagine the horror, worst date in history. At least in Summer I can pretend I’m fit enough to go on a hike.

So while I do not live the most dare devil life, I feel blessed to have been able to experience the winters that I have, something I would have never been able to do while still living in the UK. I say not living a dare devil life, but you have not seen me crossing the road on an icy day.

I have found enjoyment in the things that I do take part in, safely keeping my two feet on the ground. Except when they are up in the air from falling over. 


One thought on “My Canadian Winter

  1. Thanks for sharing your blog. Whilst reading it I was imagining you skiing and skating and snow boarding and my imagination went wild; thanks for the reassurance you don’t do them!! We have had storm Ciara hit us over the last couple of days, causing chaos everywhere. No news about the sale of my work yet apart from the CEO resigning yesterday; talk about rats on a sinking ship!!! Not long till spring now and all will be good ???????????????? xxxx

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