The Mountains are Calling and I Must Go

The question that people ask me most is, what made you leave London and come to the mountains? (Actually, the most asked question is what part of Australia are you from because the English and Australian accents sound identical apparently).

What made me move to the middle of nowhere, to a country that I have never been before?

The quote, ‘The Mountains are Calling and I Must Go’ you know, which is on everything in every gift shop? I never fully understood it, all I could gather was that it must mean something to someone.


This time last year, I started planning my move to Canada, but then it was just an idea. Not even a set a date to leave, as if there was something that was holding me back. Something was holding me back from shaking my doubts into a concrete plan.

At this point, I had been living and working in London for around 4.5 years. Even though it was the best thing I could have done for my 22-year-old self, by 27, the glory and glimmer started to chip away, right at my soul, slowly with washing away my self-esteem.

Amidst this chaos and confusion, I ended up being signed off work for a short while.

Little did I know, that this is when I will be making my next life-changing decision. Next thing I recall  I booked my flights.

I had signed up for a Travel Company* that places people with working holiday visas into jobs. Jobs that won’t chew away my sanity and swallow my soul. Just as, I was currently going through in my London job.

I started to learn more about The Canadian Rockies, and the places I could potentially live & work.

The more I researched, the more my horizon expanded, I was being drawn to the life, the complete opposite of what I currently had.

There are many reasons why I ended up here, my crumbling career, my degrading health, my shattering relationship, it all had a part in how I am sitting here today.

I think fate is the biggest one, why all of this had to go wrong in that order for me to end up here.

If these things didn’t happen, would I have ended up in Toronto, Vancouver, and The Middle of Nowhere? Would I still be with my boyfriend? Would I have even moved to Canada?

I often wonder, how the life would have turned out for me. But then I shut the voices in my head…

The Mountains are Calling, and I Must Go!

*anyone thinking of starting a new adventure, but do not know where to start, The Global Work and Travel Company is what got me out here. They help you with job finding, trip planning, as much or as little help as you need. They help you put your dreams into a reality, 


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