Welcome to Winnipeg

If you follow me on instagram you would have seen I have spent some time in Winnipeg. Many people, in fact mostly the people that live there, ask astounded “Why are you in Winnipeg?”

Winnipeg is the capital of Manitoba, and thats about all the facts I can give you. Actually that is a lie. Manitoba is in fact the Slurpee Capital of the World and WINNIPEG holds the No2 Spot for the World Slurpee Store. You will see most people drinking these frozen drinks in Winter and not Summer. No I do not understand why either.

Welcome to Winnipeg.

Reason I decided to visit? Because my two awesome mates, Sara and Katherine happen to live there. I was lucky to enough to meet them when they were living the dream in London. The most amazing thing was that as soon as I stepped off the flight they were both there waiting for me, and engulfed me in a, very much needed, bear hug.

Welcome to Winnipeg.

They didn’t even know Winnipeg had a sign….

Winnipeg was my first real Canadian culture shock, after visiting Toronto, (Basically any city) and Montreal (Practically France), I saw something new. It was all very exciting seeing a bank in the middle of no where instead of on a street and the fact it had a drive thru. A drive thru. What’s next? Tim Hortons with a drive thru? Oh wait…

On my first day, I was introduced by Sara to this futuristic device, ‘Command Start’. Now with this alien like technology you can turn on your car to heat it up without actually having to step outside. Mind Blown. You just point this remote at your car from the window and it just starts to heat up for you. “What? How?” …Brain Explodes

Welcome to Winnipeg.

I was allegedly very ‘lucky’ with my timing when arriving in Winnipeg. They just had their coldest weather in 60 years or so. -49 C with a wind chill of -53 C or something equally horrific. So when I rocked up, it was only -5 or so, “Laura it’s almost Summer!” I begged to differ.

This does mean however that everything starts to melt and gets disgustingly dirty. Cars were the worst. You could not get in or out the car without covering yourself with some kind of crap, or in my case, get covered in crap and rip your jeans, (another story) I gave up with complaining about it and accepted this as the norm and stopped cleaning my coat.

Welcome to Winnipeg.

My first real ‘what the fuck’ question on Winnipeg was why, on the 20th January, are Christmas Decorations still up? In London, stores are all ready taking them down on Christmas Eve! This really perplexed me, and apparently was a very consistent moan of mine throughout my stay. I left on the 28th January, and these houses still turned on their outside Christmas lights. (Also both my friends houses still had their decorations up, Ooops, sorry guys!)

Standard Winnipeg Christmas Lights. At the end of January.

Welcome to Winnipeg.

I initially thought my friends were just being dramatic about their moans of the transport, I mean, they had at least 1 bus an hour that would occasionally run on time, why are you complaining? However after being left stranded on the side of the highway in the middle of no where, I had to eat my words.

You see, Winnipeg has this bus, No 16. When it leaves the city centre, it goes in three different directions, but its still has the same number. I knew I had to get the bus 16, so I naturally just got on it. It was not the right one, thus the bus driver kicking me off in the middle of nowhere, and with no such thing as Uber or hailing a cab, resulted in my friends Mum rescuing me. (I had another Fuck you Canada moment on the side of the highway). Why not call it 16A , 16B, 16C at least?

Welcome to Winnipeg.

The last and my favourite thing about Winnipeg was the originality of their Street Names. Charing Cross Crescent, Westminster Avenue, Paddington Street, Cotswold Place & Brixton Bay, the list carries on. I mean where did they get these names from?! This is very much the pattern of all the street names in Winnipeg, and for a tourist like me, highly amusing. (Apparently the only tourist in January)

Winnipeg also had this quirky coffee shop called Fools and Horses, named after the TV show obviously. The lady that served me asked if I knew of the show, which I answered with a metaphoric eye roll.

I didn’t even bother asking why there are THREE streets all next to each other, all called Easy Street. Perhaps the person that came up with the bus No16 was also in charge of Town Planning.

Welcome to Winnipeg guys. You’re gonna love it.

Triple Trouble. Sara, Me & Katherine.

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