If it was not obvious in the title, I am outrageously clumsy, and have gone by the name clumsy Laura practically since birth.

I am on a ‘Journey of self discovery’ or as I like to put it, winging it at life.

Some fun facts about myself for you:

  • I am 29, British, (Essex to be precise) and on a ‘Journey of self discovery’ or as I like to put it, winging at life.
  • I moved to Canada from London in January 2018, and somehow ended up in the middle of The Rocky Mountains.
  • I need Yorkshire Tea and Instagram to function.
  • I attempted to write a lame blog for my friends and family and this is what I ended up with.

Join me, why I not only write about my clumsy travel stories in moving solo to a new country.

I hope that you find these stories funny and indeed relatable as we all know travel is not all sunshine and rainbows! Read about how I lost my visa within two weeks of moving to Canada, and my first experience at ice skating.

This is my story of how I survive, how I have adapted to mountain life and how I fallen (over) in love with Canada.

Make sure you check out my photo page where you will see all the amazing places I have visited, and don’t forget to follow me on Instagram for all my latest clumsy updates!

Laura x

IMG_6487 (1).jpg
My trusty ‘Laura Proof’ no spill coffee cup from my pal Nicola